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North Wudang Mountain

Time:2021-03-19 14:14

The North Wudang Mountain, with its alternate name of Zhenwu Mountain and the ancient name of Longwang (Dragon King) Mountain, is situated in the middle of Lvliang mountain in Fangshan County, 32km south from Lishi city and 216 km northeast from Taiyuan city. 

The scenic spot of North Wudang Mountain consists of 27 peaks, 36 cliffs and 24 gorges, and the Xianglu peak is the main peak. It has an elevation of 2254m and covers a total area of about 80km2. Integrating "magnificence, uniqueness, steepness and beauty", it is a bright spot of Lvliang mountain, is known as the "No.1 mountain of Shanxi" and is one of the holy lands for Taoism in north China. The Xuantian Zhenwu Temple was built at the small golden peak of North Wudang Mountain, and there are many frescos and ston inscriptions as well. The North Wudang Mountain at the elevation of 1983 meters has lush vegetation with the forest coverage rate of more than 70%, and chestnut trees, apple trees, walnut trees, locust trees, lacquer trees, etc. spread all over the mountain. 

A wide variety of herbal medicines are available in the mountain, such as polygonum multiflorum, angelica, tenuifolia, mint, wild ginseng, safflower, Chinese wolfberry, etc.



Fangshan county of Lvliang city in Shanxi province

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