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​Xingxian Millet

Time:2022-06-14 15:07:42


With beautiful golden color and plump shape, Xingxian millet is reputed for its soft and lubricating taste, rich nutrition and dietary property. It contains substantial microelements of zinc, selenium, iron and many others, that being regarded as homology of medicine and food. It is rated as a A-grade green product certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and listed as a geographical indication product. The crude protein content of Xingxian millet is 13.55% higher than that of ordinary millet. Total amino acid content is 13.5%, 11.4% higher than that of ordinary millet. The content of zinc, praised as "blossom of life" and "source of intelligence", is about 50% higher than that of ordinary millet. Zinc element participates in the synthesis of 18 kinds of enzymes and activates more than 80 enzymes, which is very beneficial to enhance human immunity, promote vitamin A metabolism, protect vision, and improve taste and appetite. It is especially good for maternal nutrition and infant intelligence development.