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​Xingxian Oil Jujube

Time:2022-06-28 09:17:20


Xingxian oil jujube is abundantly produced along the bank of the Yellow River. It is one of the ten famous jujubes in Shanxi Province. Compared with other jujubes, Xingxian jujube has the advantages of high sugar content, large oiliness, crispy sweetness, good taste, fresh-eating, easy to store, dry processing, etc. It contains abundant vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and 18 kinds of amino acids, iron, zinc, selenium and trace elements necessary for human body. Especially, the content of vitamin C in Xingxian jujube ranks first among all kinds of jujubes, which is a kind of traditional nutrition and health care food. Eating jujube often can treat diseases such as spleen and stomach weakness, loose stool, deficiency of essence and blood etc. As locals said that "three jujubes a day makes one-hundred-year-old people young”.