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Zhangjiata Ancient Folk Houses

Time:2022-06-01 15:17   Source:Eshanxi-English

Zhangjiata Ancient Folk Houses are located in Zhangjiata Village, Yukou Town, Fangshan County. The existing buildings mainly include 3 city gate bases, ancestral halls and more than 20 houses. Most of the houses are built leaning the mountains, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters. According to the Studies on Zhangjiata Ancient Folk Houses (the 10thcollection of Fangshan's historical accounts) and the inscriptions on the houses' gate top, the earliest house was built in the early Qing Dynasty, and expanded or repaired in the subsequent more than 200 years, a process that finished at the beginning of the Republic of China period. The existing buildings are the remains of Qing Dynasty. There are tunnels under each courtyard, and inscriptions on the gates. Most of the houses are in the layout of quadrangle courtyard. The stable and the main cave dwelling are distributed in order from south to north, while the side cave dwellings are on the east and west sides. Most of the houses are basically complete, and highly valuable for historical and artistic research. The Ancient Folk Houses were selected into the first batch of municipal-level cultural relic protection units by the People's Government of Lvliang City in 2006, and was announced as a provincial-level historic and cultural village by the People's Government of Shanxi Province in 2009. In 2016, it was selected as a traditional Chinese village.

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