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​Former Residence of Yu Chenglong

Time:2022-06-01 15:20:26


The Former Residence of Yu Chenglong is located in Laibao Village, Beiwudang Town, Fangshan County, 25 kilometers away from Fangshan County and 30 kilometers away from Lvliang City. The former residence was built at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, with three courtyards being preserved until now, including the former residences of Yu Chenglong, his fatherand his older brother, covering a total area of about 2600 square meters. Under the care of provincial and municipal leaders, from September 2014 to April 2016, the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Shanxi Culture Relics Bureau and People's Government of Fangshan County carried out planning and design, residents' relocation, protection and repair, and exhibition and displayof the Former Residence of Yu Chenglong. After the renovation, the three courtyards are all in the layout of quadrangle courtyards, with houses of masonry-timber structure. In the former residence of Yu Chenglong's father, there is a main cave dwelling in the north, in front of which three cave dwellings in the east are provided with door eaves. Besides, there are cave dwellings in the west, a stable and a feed room in the south, and a gatehouse in the middle. The three courtyards comprise 15 houses, 22 cave dwellings, 3 gatehouses, and 2 screen walls in total. The former residence is mainly used to display the household items once used by the two generations of Yu's family. Meanwhile, restore the scenes of life at that time with the help of wax statues, bronze statues, and animal specimen. In October 2019, the Former Residence of Yu Chenglong was selected into the eighth batch of national key cultural relic protection units by the State Council.