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​Zhongyang County

Time:2022-06-01 15:40:47


Paper-cutting is the signature of Zhongyang County which was ordered the title "Hometown of Paper-cutting Art" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Paper-cutting art of Zhongyang, full of local flavor and primitive simplicity, was selected into the First List of the State-level Intangible Cultural Heritage, and the styles could date back to the Qin and Han dynasties. The Party Committee and Government of Zhongyang County have highly valued the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, and invested more than RMB 5 million on the construction of Kaiyuan Cultural Industry Park, from which the cultural products, like paper-cutting, cloth handicraft and embroidery, are exquisite in workmanship, and delicate, simple and elegant in style. They symbolize good fortune and provide fine ornaments for modern interior design.

Guided by the idea of in-depth integration of culture and tourism and focusing on "developing the county into the hometown of paper-cutting art", we further build our cultural advantages, tap our resources of cultural tourism, and consider our ecological advantages and revolutionary culture, to promote the construction of development zones for ecological and cultural tourism. The Baiwa Mountain scenic area is a beautiful landscape to cultivate the mind and preserve the health, which is praised as a holy site of Taoism, home to pine and cypress forests, lakes and karst caves, and known for "Lianli" custom, rare trees, strange stones, holy water, white bark pine, brown-eared pheasant, and authentic work by ancient calligrapher Fushan. The natural meadow of Shangding Mountain, 2100 meters above sea level, is a scenic area composed of alpine meadows and strange stones, where you can relax mind and relieve pressure by hiking up the mountain, taking a fresh breath, lying on the grass, and looking at the blue sky. Cave No. 9141, a former site of arm-shop in Cheming Valley, also known as Shanxi Gun Factory, is hidden in the deep forests surrounded by mountains and ravines, being isolated from the outside and attracting people with its little-known mysteries. In addition, we have combined cultural tourism with rural revitalization by building Shengeda, Yangpota, Shuiyu, and Gongyang villages, and establishing Shengeda Mountain Bikers Training Center, to keep upgrading the county's influence.