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​Introduction to the April 8th Martyrs Memorial Hall

Time:2022-06-14 14:52:13


The Xingxian April 8th Martyrs Memorial Hall is located in Zhuangshang Village, Donghui Township, south of Heicha Mountain, 45km away from the county seat. It is established in memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in air crash on April 8, 1946.

April 8th Incident:

After the negotiations in Chongqing between the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and the Nationalist Party (orKuo Min Tang, KMT), the Kuomintang decided to destroy the agreement of the political consultative conference. In order to safeguard the resolution, Wang Ruofei and Qin Bangxian, representatives of the CPC, were flying from Chongqing to Yan'an to report and ask for instructions from the CPC Central Committee on April 8, 1946. On the same flight were Ye Ting, chief of the New Fourth Army, Deng Fa, secretary of the CPC Working Group, Huang Qisheng, progressive educationist, Eighth Route Army official Li Shaohua, Wei Wanji, Zhao Dengjun, and Gao Qiong and Mrs. Li Xiuwen, wife of Ye Ting and her son Ajiu, daughter Yangmei and four American military crew members. After taking off, the aircraft was lost due to bad weather, dense fog and interruption of telecommunications. At 2:00 pm, the plane crashed in the south of Heicha Mountain, 1580 meters above sea level, 80 miles southeast of Xingxian County. All 17 people on board were killed. This is an important event in the history of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese Revolution. Their death was a major loss to the Party and the people.

In November 1946, the site was protected, and a memorial tablet was placed. The People's Government of Xingxian County set up the symbol of cultural relic protection in 1960. In 1965, it was named “Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit” by the Shanxi Provincial People's Government."  In December 2004, it was listed as one of the “100 National Classic Scenic Spots of Red Tourism”. In December 2009, Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government named Xingxian April 8th Martyrs Memorial Hall as “Provincial Patriotism Education Demonstration Base”.

Venue Building:

Xingxian April 8th Martyrs Memorial Hall is one of the "100 Major Red Classic Scenic Spots in China", and is also a patriotism education base for Party and League organizations, trade union organizations, enterprises and institutions, schools and society.  

Looking from outside, one can find it imitates the posture of a fighters, who are looking emotionally into the beautiful landscape and cherishing thememoryofrevolutionarymartyrs . Overlooked, the building is shaped as the CPC emblem, which echoes the founding mission of the memorial hall, and reveals that countless revolutionary martyrs offered their precious life for the benefit of the country and the people. The exemplary conduct and nobility of character are also the most cherished revolutionary tradition of the Chinese nation.

The April 8th Martyrs Memorial Hall has two exhibits sections at its two-floor venue, with section one displaying the historic situation after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the negotiations in Chongqing, the aircraft crash, the emergency search and rescue, people’s mourning over their death and so on; and the second section showing the deeds of five martyrs: Wang Ruofei, Qin Bangxian, Ye Ting, Deng Fa and Huang Qisheng, illustrating their lofty spirit and personality in pursuing truth and fulfilling the undertakings of the CPC and Chinese people.