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​Pangquangou Valley

Time:2022-06-29 14:51:10


Established in 1984, Pangquangou Nature Reserve is one of the eight bird sanctuaries in China. It is praised as the "Hometown of North China Larch", and its forest is of the greatest economic value in Shanxi Province. Xiaowen Mountain, the main peak, 2830 meters above sea level, is the second highest peak in North China. The valley, 1650 meters above sea level at its bottom, and with an elevation difference of 1180 meters, forms a magnificent landscape of green cliff, deep valley and flying waterfall. The area has abundant rainfall, lofty ancient trees, distinct plant spectrum and vertical vegetation. Its rich wild plant resources, complete in cryoflora and temperate plants, covering over 90% of the region. The most precious animals in the area are the national first-class protected animal - Brown Eared Pheasant-, known as the Bird of Shanxi. The area is also the habitat of national second-class protected animals including manul, lynx, musk deer and leopard.  

The core protected areas are sparsely populated, inhabited by more brown eared pheasants and having concentrated pine and spruce. It has year-long beautiful sceneries that are distinct in four seasons. The scenic spot has become one of the preferred tourism destinations in North China, which integrates both scientific research value and amazing natural wonders.