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​Introduction of the Sanjiao Yellow River Scenic Spot

Time:2022-07-01 10:00:01


The Mom Peak Three Gorges Scenic Spot at the Yellow River is a national 3A scenic spot. Located at Sanjiao Town, of Liulin County, known as "The First Town of Chinese Red Jujube" by the Ministry of Agriculture, it is the junction of Liulin County and Shilou County, and across the Yellow River facing Suide County and Qingjian County of Shaanxi Province. Therefore, the place has been known as that “the drum beats and rooster crowing could be heard among two provinces and four counties”.

The best attraction is to take yacht or speedboat to surf in the Yellow River, safe and exciting! There are many more to offer like Chuangwang Ancient Stronghold, Lover Valley, Tianhu Waterfall, Longquan Pool, Mom Peak, Red Army Eastward Expedition Memorial Hall, General Liu Zhidan Martyry Cultural Park, Yellow River Family Exhibition House etc. 

The scenic spot has unique cave-style hotels, warm in winter and cool in summer. It also provides local flavors including Yellow River wild catfish, gold covered silver bun, Yellow River bean curd, steamed corn bread, bitter vegetables, meat cake and so on. In the Jujube-ripening season, visitors can appreciate the jujube forest and taste the fresh fruits.