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​Jiaocheng County: the Ancient Padded Applique

Time:2019-08-22 15:49:29



The traditional padded applique in Jiaocheng County, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province, is an artistic technique of making silk and satin into crafts with embossed effect. In 2017, padded applique was on the list of the Fifth Batch of Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritages.

Xie Aiying, 60 years old, is a padded-applique inheritor. She learnt the craft from her mother from an early age, and engaged in artistic creation since she graduated from high school. Xie took part in and won numerous competitions, with her work exhibited in China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair. In 2007, she set up Wangying Handcraft Workshop in Tianning Town, a division of Jiaocheng County.


Zhang Jiaoli, Xie’s daughter, picked up the padded applique since she was a child. Persuaded by her mother, Zhang took some classes including traditional arts and crafts and modern art design in Academy of Arts and Design in Tsinghua University after graduating from university, trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the padded applique, though her major was tourism management. In 2010, Zhang went back to Jiaocheng County to engage in art project with her mother. Their concepts of creation are different. “My mother’s works are colorful, with flower and bird as the main themes; I tried to add modern elements into it, taking into account preferences of the youth.”Zhang said.

In 2012, Xie and Zhang set up Wangying Padded Applique Co., Ltd. based on the workshop, and now the company has 100 students registered. Meanwhile, they are involved in projects like bringing intangible cultural heritage into schools, or helping the poor to make a living on the traditional technique. It is the dream they share to protect, pass on and innovate Jiaocheng padded applique. (Reported from Xinhua News)