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​Traditional Gold and Silver Wares Craft in Jiaocheng County

Time:2019-08-22 15:57:06


Traditional gold and silver wares craft in Shanxi Province, especially silverware crafts, is unique in manufacturing and aesthetic in appearance. “Shanxi-made” silver wares include head wears, necklaces, ornaments and bracelets, some wares such as Dagong locks and cauldron-shaped locks are renowned in the world.

Ornaments in the Gold-and-silver Wares Museum.


After graduation in middle school, Yang Defu, now 53 years old, learnt the processing of gold and silver wares from his father, and later Yang Degui, his younger brother joined them and has been in the career ever since. The brothers are inheritors of “Gold and Silver Wares Craft in Jiaocheng County”, a provincial intangible cultural heritage. They designed and prepared the display gallery and the workshop of silverwares. The picture shown above, Yang Degui is “calculating” the size of the silver ware.