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​Zhuyeqing Wine

Time:2020-03-09 19:33:31

Zhuyeqing wine and the well-known Fen wine are both produced in Xinhuacun Wine Factory of Fenyang. In the first and second meetings of tasting wine, they are both rated as the famous wine of China. The wine is golden and transparent with a little green color. It has a unique scent for combining Fen wine and herbal medicine. It tastes sweet with a little bitterness and light which will linger on your mouth for a long time. 

Zhuyeqing wine was very famous even in the ancient time and became the royal wine of the court. At that time, it was made by combining the millet wine and the bamboo leaves. 

The modern Zhuyeqing wine is made according to the refined recipe, which is said to be designed by the famous medical expert and patriot Mr Fu Shan in early Qing Dynasty. Fu Shan, who was concerned about people’s life, was an expert in medicine. He added some good medicine in the tasty wine and made Zhuyeqing wine well-known all over the world.