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​Qinghegu Valley

Time:2022-06-29 15:13:25


Qinghegu Valley Tourism Resort is a comprehensive tourist project integrating water amusement, sightseeing and recreation. The total investment of the scenic area is 250 million yuan. The development is divided into two phases. The first phase has been basically completed, mainly including accommodation, catering, drifting, fishing, picking, ATV and other projects. Large-scale bonfires and fireworks parties can also be held at the spot. The second phase  was started in October of 2016, mainly including hiking trail and sightseeing cableway.

The hotel of the scenic spot will be designed and built into two areas. The whole complex imitates the Beijing old courtyard-style structure, with amber red as the VIP area and blue-gray as the economic zone. The VIP area is constructed in accordance with the four-star standard by using antique structure with the image of "China Knot", including three types of rooms: chess-card suite, superior suite and local Huokang (heated brick bed) house; the economic zone is built by the express hotel standard, including double standard room, family room and queen bed room, with complete facilities and capable of accommodating more than 400 people.

The catering center takes the pure natural food materials grew at the scenic spot as the raw material to provide rich, healthy and green food for tourists, and can accommodate more than 300 tourists.

The drift project is developed based on the advantage of large water level drop at the Wenyu River, with a total length of about 6.8 km. The average width of the river course in this section is 5 meters, with the accumulated drop of about 100 meters, and the drifting time is about one and half to two hours. In order to enhance the experience and stimulation, 11 artificial slides and sinking mouths are added to the drifting channel, with the longest slide about 100 meters. The scenic spot has responded to the call of the state to utilize renewable energy and installed air deenergized thermal water unit, providing visitors 24-hour hot spring.

Relying on the local fine ecological conditions and actively developing green agricultural products, the planting and breeding area has an agricultural base integrating picking, fishing and planting and processing to provide tourists with various eco-friendly miscellaneous grains and pollution-free vegetables. Tourists can not only do picking but also use the fresh food materials for picnic.