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​Introduction to Red Jujube Academician Workstation of Linxian County

Time:2022-07-01 10:19:51


The Red Jujube Academician Workstation of Linxian County was established on the basis of the cooperation and co-construction agreement signed by Linxian Red Jujube Industry Bureau and Academician Li Wenhua with the Linxian Red Jujube Comprehensive Testing Station as its predecessor. On September 28, 2018, the opening ceremony of the station was held in Fengjiahui Village, Qikou Town, which is the first academician workstation established for single tree species of red jujube in Shanxi Province. 

The experts of Linxian Red Jujube Academician Workstation mainly include: 

Li Wenhua, Researcher/Academician, Institute of Geosciences and Resource Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Liu Moucheng, Associate Researcher, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Resources Information, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Liu Mengjun, Professor, Hebei Agricultural University 

Xu Zhongqi, Professor, Hebei Agricultural University 

Chen Zhiliang, Researcher, Chinese Academy of Forestry 

Li Dengke, Researcher, Fruits Research Institute, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

Li Jie, Researcher, Institute of Horticulture, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

Yang Haibo, Associate Researcher, Fruits Research Institute, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

The purpose of establishing Red Jujube Academician Workstation: 

1. Establish product test base, carry out exploratory experiment research on quality and variety improvement of red jujube, and carry out breeding, cultivation and demonstration of new technology suitable for local environment; 

2. Carry out analysis and comparison of nutrient components of Linxian red jujube, and develop and research new products, like jujube enzyme; 

3. Excavate the cultural heritage of Linxian Red Jujube, carry out the declaration, protection and sustainable utilization of the heritage, and form the business icon and unique selling point; 

4. Summarize and promote the efficient ecological model of planting and raising compound management and under-forest economy of Linxian Red Jujube, and carry out the popularization and demonstration; 

5. Monitor and evaluate the ecological value of red jujube in Linxian County, compile the load table of natural resource assets, explore ecological compensation mode and policy; 

6.  Carry out research on the key problems of the whole industrial chain of red jujube, build the characteristic brand of Linxian red jujube, transform and upgrade red jujube industry, put forward investigation suggestions to relevant departments of the state, province and city, and comprehensively promote the development of jujube brand, jujube ecology and jujube industry. 

Basic information of academician workstation: covering an area of 80 mu, including 32 rain-proof cultivation houses, 16 introduced fresh varieties, and a field nursery with 126 varieties.