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(III) Reform of project approval

Time:2021-07-26 15:17   Source:Eshanxi-lvliang

(III) Reform of project approval

9. To deepen the reform of the investment commitment system for enterprises: It is necessary to formulate lists, access conditions, standards and procedures of the commitment system for investment projects; implement parallel inspection and approval across the board, and unified process of "notification with lists, platform handling, process reengineering, multi-map joint review, and charge management", and speed up project approval in an all-round way; strengthen the supervision and management of services during and after the handling, organize competent authorities to formulate measures for the supervision and management of services, do a good job in the pre-review after commitment, parallel inspection before construction, and acceptance after completion, and strengthen the whole-process technical guidance and policy consulting; promote Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone to carry out the trial commitment system of enterprise investment projects and the pilot work of lifting approval from management. (Lvliang Municipal Development and Reform Commission as leader; Xiaoyi Municipal People’s Government and competent authorities directly under Lvliang Municipal People’s Government as participants)

10. To vigorously promote joint review: It is necessary to promote the reform of comprehensive consultation for investment projects and whole-process consultation for projects, and improve the evaluation prior to integrated approval; improve the six normal mechanisms, i.e. interactive inspection and approval, three-tier linkage across provinces, cities and counties, responsibility of functional authorities, project-based management, coordination and dispatch, supervision and assessment, and ensure the smooth progress of project construction. (Lvliang Municipal Development and Reform Commission as leader; competent authorities directly under Lvliang Municipal People’s Government as participants)

11. To explore regional assessment: It is necessary to select key areas for regional assessment, organize the formulation of land reconnaissance and delimitation, geological disaster risk assessment, assessment of mineral resources overlaid by construction projects, seismic safety evaluation, environment impact assessment, energy-saving assessment, review of soil and water conservation scheme, weather feasibility, cultural relics evaluation, land price evaluation, land reclamation and other regional special assessment; besides, the assessment reports will be valid within five years, and are free to share by the projects settled in, so as to reduce the corporate investment cost. Before transferring land, the government will organize intermediary evaluations, and the fees are included in the land transfer fees. In principle, no repeated evaluations on corporate construction projects will be carried out. (Lvliang Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources and Lvliang Municipal Bureau of Commerce as leaders; Lvliang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Lvliang Municipal Housing and Development Bureau, Lvliang Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Lvliang Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, Lvliang Municipal Emergency Response Bureau, Lvliang Municipal Bureau of Meteorology, Lvliang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and other competent authorities as participants)

12. To holistically push forward the reform of the approval system for construction projects: It is necessary to unify approval process, streamline procedures, improve the approval system, harness project implementation with "one blueprint", carry out unified management with "one system", provide services with "one window", integrate application documents with "one form", and standardize the approval operation with "one mechanism". Lvliang will reduce the approval time of general industrial projects from launch to completion and acceptance to forty-five working days through measures of "streamlining, combination, transformation, adjustment and commitment". With the exception of special projects and major projects in the fields of transport, water conservancy and energy, the time limit for the approval of construction projects from launch to completion and acceptance will be reduced to within one hundred working days. Within five years, the whole-process approval time will be cut by more than half. (Lvliang Municipal Housing and Development Bureau as leader; competent authorities directly under Lvliang Municipal People’s Government as participants)

13. To encourage social capital to flow into traditional infrastructure and public services: It is necessary to study, formulate and improve the management measures for the cooperation between the municipal government and private capital in the field of infrastructure and public services; establish and improve the effective promoting mechanism of Public-Private Partnership (PPP), and encourage social capital to flow into the traditional infrastructure like energy, transport, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, and major municipal engineering, as well as public services like municipal utilities, affordable housing, education, science and technology, culture, sports, health care, pension, and tourism, by means of franchising and equity cooperation. Under the same conditions, priority should be given to encouraging private investment and private capital to participate in the construction of projects in Lvliang. (Lvliang Municipal Finance Bureau as leader; people’s governments of counties (cities and districts) and competent authorities directly under Lvliang Municipal People’s Government as participants)

14. To deepen the special action against malicious stoppers and spoilers: It is necessary to launch special campaigns to crack down on crimes and all kinds of illegal and criminal activities that disrupt the normal production and operation of enterprises, strengthen public security in the surrounding areas of enterprises, and create a good public security environment for enterprise operations and project construction. (Lvliang Municipal Political and Legal Commission as leader; competent authorities directly under Lvliang Municipal People’s Government as participants)

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